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Terry Denton is best known for the Gasp! series, the Wombat and Fox stories and the best selling Just! books, done in collaboration with Andy Griffiths. He is one of those lucky people who can write and illustrate. He has written twenty children’s books himself and collaborated on eighty more with some of the most popular children’s authors in Australia.

Terry works best in the world of the imagination. His books are playful, noisy, humorous, colourful, dramatic, and always challenge his readers’ lateral thinking skills. His mind has grown wild and chaotic as a result of being trapped in a big house with his four brothers for the first eighteen years of his life. He eventually escaped and now lives by the beach in a life he shares with his wife and three kids.

Terry Denton won the Australian CBC Picture Book of the Year Award in 1986 and has since been short-­‐listed for many awards both in Australia and overseas. His work has won countless children’s choice awards throughout Australia.

'I started out wanting to be an animator and then an illustrator, but surprised myself when I found I had this great urge to write as well. Gasp! came about when I did a drawing I did of a mad goldfish, and then I found him a voice, a little like Daffy Duck, and then came the fun of putting him in situations and imagining what he would do.’

'I didn’t have a great many books as a child. But the one I remember the most was a cut down version of Treasure Island…with great illustrations…I still have it. Pirates! I love them.’

'The challenge of starting out on a new story is just like when I used to go kayaking down wild rivers. Frightening and exhilarating.’ 'I work from a studio in my back garden. It is a quiet place where I can slip into that level of concentration I need to be able to write. It has a pot belly heater so I can divert myself by playing with fire…
a bit of a boy thing…and it has a dartboard…and lots of CDs.’

'I also do a lot of painting. Big pictures of stuff. Only I am not sure what
the stuff I paint is. But I love it.’

'My favourite food is DUMPLINGS!!! And peanut butter.’

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