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EPISODE 101a: Something Fishy

When Gasp discovers Beetlenick in Dad's suitcase, he must keep the accidental stowaway's noisy and frantic attempts to get home from waking Dad.

EPISODE 101b: All My Carp

Valentine's Day has Gasp seeing hearts when he develops a crush on the cute goldfish in the neighbour's window and is determined to meet her.

EPISODE 102a: And The Weiner Is

The pets give Dogbox beauty pageant coaching in preparation for a dog show Fred has entered him in.

EPISODE 102b: The Cat In The Flap

A bedraggled stray cat plays on the sympathies of the kids in a crafty attempt to get the pets evicted and take their place.

EPISODE 103a: Fish Stick

Gasp, experimenting with mind-control techniques while babysitting, panics when he thinks he's accidentally turned Winston into a fish stick.

EPISODE 103b: My Pet Rocks

To make Ginger proud, Gasp enlists the pets to help him make a video of himself to enter in the My Pet Totally Rocks TV show contest.

EPISODE 104a: Let's Get Fishical

Catflap, diagnosed by the vet as hopelessly out of shape, copes with a diet and exercise regime with the “help” of the other pets.

EPISODE 104b: Treasure Hunt

Gasp leads the pets on a mission to reclaim Diver's stolen treasure chest from Fred's stinky bedroom.

EPISODE 105a: Home And Host

Gasp has a dilemma on his fins when getting rid of Dogbox's fleas means finding the cheerful little flea family a new home.

EPISODE 105b: Beetle's In The Mail

When Beetlenick seems homesick for Jolly Old England, Gasp goes about trying to mail him back there.

EPISODE 106a: Amnesia

The pets must teach Gasp how to be himself again when a bump on the head gives him a case of amnesia.

EPISODE 106b: Alien Trash

Gasp leads a mission to the backyard to make peace with the aliens in the new spaceship…that turns out to be a worm farm.

EPISODE 107a: Gaspy Burpday

Gasp, thinking Fred is planning to ruin Ginger's birthday party with a surprise attack, enlists the pets to help thwart his evil plan.

EPISODE 107b: Snug As A Bug

The pets' feelings are hurt when they discover Beetlenick is living a glamorous double life in one of Dad's architectural scale models.

EPISODE 108a: Lucky Guppy

When Gasp finds out Catflap is scared of Friday the 13th he and the pets look for a lucky charm to get her through it.

EPISODE 108b: Egg Sitters

When Catflap scares a mother bird off her nest, she feels responsible for looking after the eggs – until one of them hatches into a baby crocodile.

EPISODE 109a: Hake Couture

Gasp's ambition to create a clothing line for fish turns the house into a patchworked, pet-run sweatshop.

EPISODE 109b: Tadpole Trouble

Gasp adopts a cute tadpole and fails to notice when it begins turning into a huge warty frog and wreaking havoc on the other pets.

EPISODE 110a: Pets For Pets

The pets become jealous of Fred and Ginger's new electronic virtual pets, only to become addicted themselves when they try to hide them.

EPISODE 110b: Wolf Fish

Gasp hires doggie guru Slobberjack to help Dogbox overcome the alarmingly good behaviour he's learning from his puppy obedience classes.

EPISODE 111a: Mouse Fishin'

Gasp ropes the pets into helping him capture and then evicting a mouse that has scared Ginger away from the kitchen.

EPISODE 111b: Pond Scummin'

Winston is having a big, slimy, scummy birthday bash in the pond and counts on his reluctant ‘uncle' Gasp to be the life of the party.

EPISODE 112A: Carp Of Darkness

When the kids go next door for a sleepover campout, Gasp convinces the pets they're being held hostage and need rescuing.

EPISODE 112b: My Little Carpcake

The pets turn the house into a cupcake factory while experimenting to come up with a winning recipe…that isn't completely disgusting.

EPISODE 113a: Fish Out Of Water

The pets' attempts to find water get increasingly wacky when they think the drought means they can't use the tap to refill Gasp's bowl.

EPISODE 113b: Robodog

Dogbox turns menacing when he gets a chip from Fred's toy robot stuck in his nose and Gasp tries to frantically to control him with the remote.

EPISODE 114a: Spray Day

After being left at the neighbour's while the Denton house is being spray-painted, the pets sneak back in to rescue Beetlenick.

EPISODE 114b: Betta Watch Out

Gasp must figure out what to do about Fred's new fish when the aggressive betta turns the Denton home into a nonstop party.

EPISODE 115a: Snakes Alive

When a python is accidentally delivered by the pet shop and begins swallowing the pets, it's up to Gasp to get them out.

EPISODE 115b: Ask Gasp

Gasp sets up an answers website to help Ginger with her homework but gets overwhelmed when every kid on the planet logs on demanding help.

EPISODE 116a: Frankenkitty

Gasp experiments with Ginger's school science project to make Dogbox smarter and, in the process, turns Catflap into a mindless monster.

EPISODE 116b: For The Love Of Dog

The pets are in a frenzy trying to do Fred's chores for him when they overhear Mum threatening to send Dogbox away if he doesn't shape up.

EPISODE 117a: Gasp Downunder

Gasp goes on safari under the house and comes face to face with a petulant termite queen who has stolen the TV cable.

EPISODE 117b: Hair Of The Fish

The Peruvian hair growth formula Gasp orders on the Internet causes him to grow everything from a beard to multiple hairstyles.

EPISODE 118a: Dogbox Goes Postal

Gasp is worried the new mail lady won't deliver his the roller blades he ordered, when Dogbox accidentally scares her away.

EPISODE 118b: Vactastic Voyage

Gasp is worshipped as a god by a mite tribe inside the vacuum cleaner while the pets try various ridiculous ways to get him out.

EPISODE 119a: Funny Fish

Gasp works on the same joke, telling it over and over in numerous ways, until the pets have to laugh just to get him to stop.

EPISODE 119b: Fish Tale

When Gasp reads Ginger's journal and becomes convinced she can be a famous author, he stops at nothing to expose her genius to the masses.

EPISODE 120a: Beware Of Carp

Gasp employs an increasingly wacky security system to keep out a bandit, not realizing it's just Dad trying to get back in.

EPISODE 120b: Thermostat Wars

The cold-blooded pets compete with the warm-blooded pets over control of Dad's new heating and cooling unit.

EPISODE 121a: Sick Day

The pets must battle a virus army that takes over the house when Fred and Ginger stay home from school sick.

EPISODE 121b: School Of Fish

Gasp has his fins full when tutoring Winston in etiquette turns into a full-time job teaching an unruly mob of pond critters.

EPISODE 122a: Puppy Love

When the pets realize Dogbox has a crush on TV's Flippy The Seal, they set out to write a fan letter that will convince Flippy to visit.

EPISODE 122b: All The Glory

Gasp gets so caught up in winning an online game against Fred that he almost blows his cover.

EPISODE 123a: To Catch A Fish

Chaos ensues when Gasp installs a burgler alarm to prevent Weykeysha from stealing Ginger's clothes and all it does is make life miserable.

EPISODE 123b: Pry…Fishy

Gasp feels left out when he discovers he's the only one in the Denton household who doesn't have anything private.

EPISODE 124a: Loch Jaws

Gasp sets about creating a horror-themed tourist attraction in the back pond when Ginger's upset that the family can't go to funworld this year.

EPISODE 124b: Hooray For Hamsterwood

The pets are so in awe of Horatio, the charismatic class guinea pig Ginger's brought home for the weekend, that they let him out of his cage…

EPISODE 125a: It's A Pet's Life

Beetlenick envies the pets for having everything handed to them, until Fred catches him in a jar and he learns it isn't easy being owned.

EPISODE 125b: Carp Crusader

Gasp reinvents himself as superhero, The Carp Crusader, then finds it hard to come up with heroic deeds that need doing.

EPISODE 126a: Help A Spider

Gasp tries to help a meek spider gain some self-esteem, all the while fighting his own phobic reactions.

EPISODE 126b: Pet Games

An afternoon of board games turns into a war of flying game pieces when
Roachy wins Diver from Gasp's bowl by cheating.