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Ginger is ten years old and is the object of Gasp's absolute devotion. She was given Gasp as a present when she was a toddler and has looked after him with much love and care. Gasp adores her, worships her and is very protective of her. Even when she forgets to clean his bowl or taps on the glass to get his attention --the fish equivalent of having a dentist drill your back molar…

Now that she's ten she doesn't often have much time for Gasp but she still feeds him daily and talks to him from time to time. He's watched her grow up and in his mind and his heart he will always be her bestest friend. Nobody knows or understands Ginger like Gasp does.

Ginger would be devastated to think that Gasp is suffering from lack of attention. He seems so happy swimming around in his bowl all day! She has no idea he pours out his heart to her. All she sees is a gold-fish staring at her blankly and pouting!