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Gasp - Noisy, enthusiastic, cheeky and hyperactive.

Gasp is a thrill-seeking gold-fish who constantly craves stimulation. He's way too smart, savvy and passionate for his own good and has an imagination without limits.

He's also incapable of having a thought without articulating it and as a result he keeps up a running, absurd commentary on whatever he is doing in a variety of voices, tones, patterns and accents. Gasp thinks he's the Feng Shui Master of the Universe and is convinced he was a Celestial Chinese Dragon in a previous life. After all, Golden Carps are revered as symbols of wealth, prosperity and good fortune!

The eternal optimist, he always looks on the bright side – even in the face of the most ridiculous disaster. If nothing else, this gutsy gold-fish achieves through sheer determination and perseverance.

Gasp's owner is Ginger, the object of his absolute devotion, a ten-year-old girl who loves him in her own, slightly absentminded way.