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The excitable baby, he's like a toy with two speeds; on and off. He's either dead to the world on his dog bed (an adorable, festering mess of hair, germs and fleas) or he's going like a rocket, chasing his tail, racing up and down and causing mayhem. 

He is not as small as he thinks and his unstoppable energy causes a lot of damage.  It's never intentional and there's not a mean bone in his body.  He loves everybody unconditionally. The problem is that this lovable slobbering idiot could kill a little fish with his kindness. 

As a Bitza, Dogbox has no idea what breed his parents were and he's too young to care anyway. Actually, he's not sure they were even dogs.  Dogbox wasn't the smartest puppy in the litter and can be easily convinced he's anything; “You have four legs and so does a table-  So you must be a table!”