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He's the foreigner in the place, having accidentally fallen asleep in the Dad's suitcase in a hotel in London and been brought back upon Dad's return from a business trip.  Cool and highly image-conscious, he's decided to make the best of his new home and family.  Undeniably British, he's more exotic than anyone else and in his groovy way likes to remind them of this - and his supposed celebrity connections - as often as possible. 

He's also full of crap. A bit weak in the heart department, he lacks morals as well and this leads him to tell outrageous lies which can backfire when the truth is amazing – but no one believes him. No one except Gasp, that is.  He'll take an interesting lie over a boring truth any day and Beetlenick takes full advantage of this with his most enduring lie: "I'm the legendary sixth Beatle", which usually leads into a variation of “Once, when we were on tour in a swamp in South America, and my drum stick – no wait – it was my guitar string - broke right at the moment I saw Keith Richards – no wait – I saw Lindsay Lohan arrive backstage for the afterparty with that DJ friend of hers”…